A pioneer of real time technology and built on a State of the art platform, MOBIPROM uses smart, fast and high capacity infrastructure to deliver the best service. MOBIPROM’s secure auto scalable cloud based infrastructure handles tens of millions of requests per day.


MOBIPROM protects data for thousands of customers, making sure that their data is secure, backed up and confidential. We understand that we have a very big duty to protect customer data, and it reflects in our internal policies and procedure. Our Clients data is held securely on our servers. All communication between the servers and client (the user’s browser) is encrypted, so that data travelling over the public Internet cannot be intercepted and read. This is done using upto 256 bit SSL with extended validation, the same standards used by the Banks for Internet banking.


MOBIPROM understands that customer data is completely confidential, is of high commercial value to its customers, and that its protection from leakage is paramount. We host data for thousands of users, many of them competitors of each other, and the exposure of their data could cause them severe financial loss. MOBIPROM staff employment contracts reinforce the confidentiality policy, underlining that a policy breach is grave misconduct and calls for instant dismissal and further action under the purview of Cyber Laws of the country. The security of MOBIPROM’s customers’ data is generally better than data held internally by the customer. Backups are automated and tested for the ability to restore and application continuity is assured. By holding the data off-site within our dedicated secure environment, our customers can minimize the risk of internal data theft and know that their data is completely protected.